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Leadership Pathways toolkit

The Leadership Pathway consists of identifying what leaders you need, assessing the potential leaders you have and developing them to effectively meet the leadership needs.  Click any button for further information, or follow the whole process below

Identify ...your leadership needs by considering:
  • The leaders needed now
  • The leaders needed for succession
  • The leaders needed for expansion
Key process: Leadership Needs Meeting
Key Tool: Leadership Needs Worksheet
Assess ...your potential leaders at a “People Meeting. This is how:
  • Before the meeting: Gather information
  • During the meeting: assess each potential leader and determine development needed
  • After the meeting: Follow through and track meeting decisions
Key process: People Meeting
Key Tools: Leader Profiles, People Meeting Summary
Develop ...leaders ready for the mission by:
  • Finalizing development action plans
  • Coaching and tracking development progress
Key Tool: Position Focus (Staff Development Cycle)
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