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Key process: People Meeting
Key Tools: Leader Profiles, People Meeting Summary


Desired outcome:
To engage the senior leaders in assessing potential leaders and identify those with the highest readiness and potential to step into specific, named roles.  Each potential leader will have suggested steps for development, and a likely timeline for them to enter potential leadership selection processes.

It seeks to answer the questions, “What potential leaders do we have?”  and “Where do they need to grow?” 

The Assess step involves leaders at every level regularly assessing their team member’s performance and leadership potential. It centers around the annual People Meeting where high-potential members are reviewed by the senior leadership team to assess their readiness/potential for increased leadership, discuss possible matches of potential leaders with leadership roles for the best fits, and give input on needed development. This process helps meet our leadership needs by ensuring that we are able to place the right potential leader in the right leadership position at the right time and with the right preparation. 

The process steps for the People Meeting include:

Before the Meeting

  • This can be done by the leadership team, or possibly more helpfully, ask team leaders and department heads to list them.  Between 5 and 12 people being reviewed at one time is normal.
  • A Leader Profile is completed for each of the potential leaders being assessed during the People Meeting.  This is usually done by their immediate supervisor.
  • The facilitator of the process (usually the LDHR leader within CCCI ministries) collects the Leader Profiles, compiles them and distributes them to the Senior Leadership Team, with a request that they do their own preliminary assessment for each person before the meeting.
  • To save the need for compiling information, you may also want to use the combined Leader Profiles and People Meeting Summary spreadsheet.
  Staff Tracking Summary Sheet

During the Meeting

  • Set/review guiding principles for the People Meeting and pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.
  • Using the completed Leader Profiles, discuss each person’s readiness/potential for increased leadership and come to consensus on the 4 “traffic light” sections of the Summary Sheet, as well as any other pertinent issues.
  • Discuss potential new role fits.
  • Identify developmental action steps (Key Development Assignments) needed.
  • The facilitator should ensure that the People Meeting Summary reflects the consensus of decision and clearly identifies next steps for development.
  People Meeting Summary Sheet

After the Meeting

  • If it is not the facilitator’s role, then you will need to have assigned responsibility for communicating and monitoring the completion of developmental action steps.
  • The facilitator (or other) will need to discuss with the individual staff member and their team leader the suggested developmental action points that came from the meeting.
  • There are different perspectives on whether the staff member should know the roles they have been identified for, but the leadership team will need to be in agreement on transparency and determine if and how this is to be communicated to the staff member.  It is essential for them to realise this is a developmental path and NOT the offer of a role either immediately or in the future (but that they are part of a pool of leaders who may be considered for the role in the future).  
  • The facilitator should track the progress made on the action steps and report progress to the leadership team as required.


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