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Key Tool: Position Focus (Staff Development Cycle)


Desired outcome:
The developmental action steps suggested in the People Meeting are effectively communicated, personalized, refined, followed-through and tracked to completion.

It seeks to answer the question, “How does the potential leader receive the equipping they need?”

Depending on your existing communication / HR structure, you may need to establish processes to communicate, track and report back the developmental action steps suggested by the People Meeting. 

Discuss with the staff member and their team leader the outcomes from the People Meeting and the suggested Developmental Action Steps.  These will invariably need to be refined according to individual circumstances, opportunities and existing commitments.  They will also need to take into account the potential leaders own desires and career aspirations (see Career Pathways)

Hopefully, the potential leader’s supervisor will already be working with them on their development, through the Staff Development Cycle.  The leadership discussions about this potential leader’s development should feed into the existing staff development cycle discussions.

One way to go about this is to build the development needs that have been identified into a Key Development Assignment, which is detailed in the Position Focus form.  The facilitator or LDHR leader will resource the team leader / coach as needed.

A tracking system will need to be established so that the facilitator can track the progress of the potential leaders in order to report back to the leadership team as required. 



Once you have developed your pools of leaders who are ready and equipped to serve with higher levels of responsibility, you will need to consider the selection, appointment and transition of these leaders.  The key tools and resources you will need to do this well are provided in the Leader Transitions toolkit (


As mentioned, the Leadership Pathway is supported by the Staff Development Cycle toolkit, which provides the tools, resources and forms to equip your leaders to have engaging and transformational conversations with their team members. (







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