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Key process: Leadership Needs Meeting
Key Tool: Leadership Needs Worksheet


Desired outcome:
To engage the leadership team in generating and assessing a concise list of strategic leadership needs (both current and future) which includes both quantity and quality: the number of leaders needed by their specific roles and the non-negotiable skills or mindsets needed for each leadership role.

It seeks to answer the question, “What leaders do we need?”

The central process in this is the annual Leadership Needs Meeting.  The senior leadership team will need to set aside at least one meeting per year to identify the organization’s leadership needs.  If you have an annual Strategic Planning Cycle, this will most likely be a significant element of that process as you evaluate the people-implications of your strategy.  This meeting provides the forum (and we provide the tools) to help you think strategically about and identify leadership needs.

The Leadership Needs worksheet has been designed to help you identify your leadership needs in three different categories:

  • Your leaders needed currently for leadership roles that are vacant.
  • Your leaders needed because of succession – roles that you expect to become vacant because the current role holder is retiring or is likely to be moving on either within or outside of the organization.
  • Your leaders needed because of expansion plans.  In light of your strategic plans, it is essential to identify what leaders will be needed as you grow.

As a result of identifying all the needs, you will then need to prioritize them, taking into account issues of urgency, the uniqueness of skills required and the time required to develop those skills in others if needed.  Please note:  At this stage you are NOT identifying those that could move into those roles, but simply identifying the needs themselves.

Many have found it helpful to conduct the annual Leadership Strategy Meeting as part of the Strategic Planning Process (generally at the end of a ministry year for the next ministry year)


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